I try every time I post one of my stories to keep the same formatting as it is on word-perfect but unfortunately it never is the same. Even though I tried to indent things (like on my book review) it never stays the same. Oh well; I hope you enjoy just as much.


2 responses to “Formatting

  1. Internet formatting is different from the format in regular writing. Instead of indenting, you skip a line between paragraphs. Also, on the Internet, it helps to use short paragraphs, headings, bold print, bullet lists and things like that, to break up the overall gray look of the page.

    Word processors use hidden characters (symbols that you can’t see but that are embedded in the file to tell the program how it should look) which the blog program can’t interpret. If you are trying to take a Word Perfect file and put in on your blog, you will have to adjust the formatting after you paste it into your New Post page.

    If you use the Visual Editor, there is a Kitchen Sink button that opens up a whole second row of formatting options to play with. Just use the Preview button to check how your post looks (you have to save it first), then go back and tinker with the format, Save Draft and Preview again, and repeat until you have the article looking how you want it. Then hit Publish.

    You can also go back and do this with an already-published post, to make it look more reader-friendly.

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