Jesus is our best friend: spend time with Him!

Do you have a best friend? How much time to you spend with her ( I am assuming mostly girls are going to read this)? Jesus is our best friend, he even died for us! He will never change like all of our best friends on earth do; he will always be there for you; no friend I have other than Him can do that! How much time do you spend with Him? I want to challenge you to take advantage (a good taking advantage of :)) of your special privilege of spending time with the most powerful and the most awesome (in the right way) friend you could ever have! Take time alone with him and meditate in His word. If you want some tips go to my blogroll and hit “girl talk”, they have some neat ideas and tips on spending time with your Master.


3 responses to “Jesus is our best friend: spend time with Him!

  1. Thanks for the good reminder! Love you!

  2. Katrina

    I really like the concept you’re conveying in this post (and the girl talk resource-thanks for that). If I were wandering through and stumbled upon your blog but had no idea of what it means to have Jesus as my best friend, how would you answer this question for me, “Why is Jesus precious to you?”

    • Because he saved me from eternal damnation and has redeemed me with his own blood! He gave his life for me he loved me so much! He continues today to empower and enable me to live for the glory of God. He also will always care about me and be there for me. He will always listen to me and will never turn his back on me, for what better reasons could he be precious to me?

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