Martin Luther; Hymn writer

This is about Martin Luther

Martin Luther: Composer & Hymn writer
Martin Luther was very musical. He played many instruments including the flute and lute. He also loved to sing. He composed many songs during his lifetime, the greatest of these being “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”, that added themselves to Christian hymns.

Luther wrote, as we know already hymns for the church, but he also loved writing hymns for his children. He wrote our familiar carol “Away in a Manger” and other little known songs that he and his children would sing together when he found the time.  His first song was called “Dear Christians, One And All Rejoice”. He wrote “A Mighty Fortress” later in his life though; which, surprisingly, was written during a time of trial – his wife, pregnant with their second child, and his one year old son were deathly sick with the plague that was ravaging their city at the time, the authorities all around him were fighting and warring, even he was ill! But “The Mighty Fortress” led him through the trial and he composed this solemn, grand, and awe-inspiring   song from Psalm 46!  He also wrote a song from the text of the Nicene Creed* which he named “We All Believe in One True God” and composed a tune to match it!

Some of his hymns were doctrine  put to verse, others were prayers conformed into rhyme and meter such as “Now We Implore the Holy Ghost”. Others stated truths about God; “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” is a great example of that, as you can see from the title! Throughout all of his hymns you can see his love for God and his striving to please Him! He was truly a great example of  Psa. 66:2 “Sing the glory of His name; give Him glorious praise.”!


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