Marco Polo

Marco Polo
Marco Polo was most likely born around 1254. He was probably born in the Venetian Republic.. His father was Niccolo Polo but his mother’s identity is a mystery. During Marco’s infant and childhood years his father and uncle traveled to far off lands and returned, very rich, in 1269.They then saw Marco for the first time. In 1271 Marco’s father, Niccolo and his uncle, Maffeo set off again; but this time they took 17 year old Marco with them. They were off to fulfill a request of Kublai Khan whom the two men knew from their earlier expedition. This request was to have oil from the lamp in Jerusalem brought back to him, and also to deliver a letter to the pope. Eventually, though the exact date is unknown, they were able to present the oil and the pope’s answering letter to the Khan.  They stayed in the Khan’s court for many years because he would not let them go back to Venice. Finally his daughter persuaded Kublai to let the Polos travel with her bridal caravan. Eventually they landed in Venice and were home. But soon after arriving Marco joined an army to fight the city Genoa. In this war he was captured and held for two or three years. During that time he dictated a biography to a skillful writer and fellow prisoner, Rustichello.  Soon after this book was published- in French. In 1324 he died surrounded by his wife and three children. He is best remembered  for his book “ The Travels of Marco Polo”


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